Best Dog Trainer in Franklin

Music City Dog Training is the best dog trainer in Franklin out there, and is providing in-home and reward-based dog training to Nashville and surrounding area residents. If you are a dog parent in Franklin that needs to address their dog’s behavior problems, then Music City Dog Training can help!

How can we help?

Music City Dog Training has the best dog trainer in FranklinBeth Sadowski, is a certified dog trainer that is referred by veterinarians, groomers, and pet parents within Nashville and beyond! She started Music City Dog Training after she saw so many dogs being surrendered and on the verge of being euthanized due to TREATABLE behavioral issues! After earning her certification through Canine Trade Group, Beth has been helping dogs of all breeds, ages and backgrounds achieve positive change and remain in their forever homes!

Are you a frustrated dog owner that can’t handle your dog’s hyperactivity, disobedience, aggression, or separation anxiety? Do you feel like you can’t trust your dog, inside or outside the home? Do you want to regain control so that you can help your dog and live happily ever after with your fur baby? Music City Dog Training offers in-home dog training that teaches both dog and owner how to progress and accomplish their goals together. While you will begin in-home to ensure immediate control and help familiarize your dog in a comfortable environment, your dog’s training will also include real-world training outside the home where all the distractions and triggers are. That way, your dog can be reliable in any type of situation or setting!

What is our training philosophy?

There is often concern about dogs losing their spirit within training. Music City Dog Training’s programs can be challenging and rigorous, but the goal is to make training rewarding for you and your dog, rather than something that incites fear or dread. The reward-based dog training Beth of Music City follows and utilizes will set you and your dog up for success, not for punishment and negativity. She will work on eliminating the issue and root cause of the issue, which tends to be some form of anxiety. Your dog will not only learn to behave, but to be relaxed and happy while doing so!

Beth can help your dog overcome any of the following: aggression, disobedience, separation anxiety, destructive habits, excessive barking, leash pulling, lack of recall and manners, jumping and counter surfing, socialization and desensitization, distraction training, and more. No issue is too much and change is possible for all dogs, including yours!

How does it work?

Let us help your dog!When you contact Music City Dog Training, we will speak with you, answer all your questions, and direct you to the best training program suited for your dog’s needs and issues. After meeting with Beth for an initial in-home consultation, she will create a training regimen that will tackle your dog’s specific behaviors, and tailor the protocol to fit you and your dog’s lifestyle and goals. When you sign up with Music City Dog Training, we commit to you until you and your dog find success together!

If you’re seeking positive and effective Franklin dog training, call us at 615.610.9080 or use our contact form to write us any questions or concerns you may have. We’re ready to help you get your dog on the path to behavioral progress!