Real World Dog Training in Nashville

Real World Dog Training in Nashville As a consumer, it’s become increasingly hard to sift through products and services. With the ease of paid-for reviews and scams, it’s no longer easy to figure out what services are worth your dollar, and our experienced staff at Music City understands that. That’s why we use methods that … Continued

Can Separation Anxiety Fixed?

Can Separation Anxiety Fixed? There’s a stereotype that dogs are needy. People who compare cat enthusiasts to dog fans always say cats are standoffish and dogs are needy, clingy, even – demanding attention and time from you, and that they get nervous or upset when they leave. Dogs are pretty dependent, and generally very social … Continued

Why Dog Trainers work with Veterinarians

Why Dog Trainers work with Veterinarians Every dog is different, and every owner knows this. Some were raised in a loving home, others abandoned, some bred, some lost, others injured and rehabilitated. As your dog’s best friend and source of guidance, you know that their history has affected the way they are today. You might … Continued

Why Do Siblings Fight?

Why Do Siblings Fight? Almost all dogs play fight. If you have multiple dogs, you’ve probably noticed that it’s what they spend a lot of their time doing, especially if they are younger. If dogs are close, they can play fight for hours on end without it getting serious – just lots of growling, barking, … Continued

How To Solve Hyperactivity

 How To Solve Hyperactivity All owners know that dogs need walks, but do you also keep up on your dog’s mental stimulation to combat boredom and hyperactivity? It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “they’re a pet – they’ll amuse themselves,” but this isn’t the case. You may have noticed that your dog … Continued

Why Do Working Dogs Need a Job?

Why Do Working Dogs Need a Job? While at a seminar, one of the topics was dog breeds and what they require training wise. A working dog is a dog that is specifically bred to learn and perform tasks. Working dogs are commonly used as guard dogs, police dogs, detection dogs, therapy dogs and service … Continued

Start Training Your Dog Right Away

Start Training Your Dog Right Away Congratulations on becoming a new pet parent! Whether you adopted a puppy or an adult dog, it is important to start training your new addition right away before they develop any bad habits. Dogs are most impressionable when they are young, so it is imperative to set rules from … Continued

Excessive Barking Case Study

Excessive Barking Case Study  Barking is a main form of communication for dogs. This is how your dog expresses their needs and wants. They may bark for a number a reasons; he/she may bark to inform you that they have to use the bathroom or to warn you of possible danger. However, some dogs do … Continued

How to Solve Marking

How to Solve Marking  As much as we love our dogs, some of their innate traits we do not allow in domesticated areas. One of these traits is marking! Why do our furry little friends do this in our homes? Marking outside when going on walks isn’t necessarily much of an issue, but please, not … Continued

How People Might Reinforce Aggressive Behaviors In Their Dogs

How People Might Reinforce Aggressive Behaviors In Their Dogs  My Nashville dog training is not just about teaching dogs, but’s also about guiding owners to find consistency in their handling and communication with their dogs. It doesn’t matter what the behavioral issue is—excessive barking, hyper jumping, separation anxiety, growling at guests, etc.—a dog will not … Continued