Child Aggressive Dog Training 

I’ve found that owners of aggressive dogs are often afraid to come forward and admit their dog has an issue. It isn’t out of shame, really—it’s out of fear. They’ve heard the horror stories of vets, trainers, and judges who decide, without really knowing the dog at all, that he/she is a lost cause that needs to be put down. Rather than hear that heartbreaking advice, owners will keep silent and try to deal with the problem on their own.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re one of these owners you don’t have to go it alone. Music City Dog Training recognizes aggression as a behavioral issue rather than a personality/temperament issue. And behavior can be modified.

For example, I worked with a dog named Zenith a few months ago who showed aggression toward her owner’s daughter. There is nothing scarier than the idea of someone or something attacking a person you love, but when the attacker is a living being you also love, it becomes a complicated situation with no happy ending in sight.

Before surrendering her beloved pet to a household without children, the owner decided to give my training techniques a try. I performed an in-home consultation to see the behavior for myself and decide what methods should be implemented. Zenith was wary of me and more wary of the six-year-old girl. I realized Zenith viewed her as an unpredictable variable within the household, something that needed to be controlled.

We worked to establish the owner as the leader in Zenith’s eyes. It’s the leader’s job to determine what’s best for the family, what is a threat and what is not, what actions should be taken, etc. Dogs respond well to this type of training because it speaks to their basic instincts. With the owner taking on the leadership role, the pressure is taken off the dog. Through basic obedience training, proper leash handling techniques, a strict schedule, etc. Zenith learned to trust and respect her owner’s decisions and became more comfortable around her daughter.

This program worked for Zenith, and the outcome was a happy one. We can create a program that works for your dog, too. Just give me a call at 615.610.9080 to discuss your unique situation.