Best Nashville Dog Training Programs 

Here in Nashville, dog owners can now find a professional dog trainer that offers not only successful dog training, but a protocol that is reward-based and is backed up by science, compassion, and RESULTS. Dog owners no longer need to worry about being nickel and dimed by low-level trainers that take away quality training while also asking for more money. Music City Dog Training is ready to cut the BS, and to offer the best Nashville dog training out there!

Our Nashville dog trainer provides in-home dog training so that owners can learn the ropes of handling and communicating with their dog, and so that they can comfortably start off in a familiar environment where the amount of distractions is under our control. In-home training follows the same reward-based philosophy that we utilize with our training cases. We aim to set the dog up for success and eliminate as many opportunities to failure. Applying boundaries, gradual desensitization methods, and empowering the owner as a consistent leader, the dog learns through our training that they have choices when it comes to their behavior, and that the best rewards come when they follow their owner’s leadership. This motivates dogs to practice the appropriate behaviors because in the end, that is what they want and what benefits them. We find this more effective and fulfilling than instilling fear or heavy dominance training.

Dog Trainer Nashville Blog - Music City Dog TrainingWe offer a private puppy training program where your little pup can get started on the right paw with potty training, basic commands, good manners, appropriate leash behavior, socialization and desensitization, and more! If your pup is 4 months or younger, they are eligible for our puppy training program that will shape them into a behaved, mature adult. If your dog is older than four months, they can still learn some fundamentals in our basic obedience and behavior modification training programs, the latter being more so for dogs that are exhibiting some moderate behavioral issues.

We don’t turn down tough cases either—if your dog is suffering from severe anxiety, we can help eliminate the problem while also boosting your dog’s confidence so they (and you!) can achieve peace and happiness! Aggressive dogs are also welcome to enroll in our Nashville aggressive dog training program. We understand that aggression can be a dog and family killer—aggressive dogs going untreated can land themselves in the hands of animal control, in the shelter, and/or in line to be euthanized. Aggression comes in all forms, and we can help you and your dog combat any of them together, including human aggression!

Why do we believe we’re the best Nashville dog training company? Well, we believe our success speaks for itself, but we also are reward-based AND commitment-based. What that means is that once an owner is ready to commit to rehabbing and training their dog, then we commit to them until we accomplish all our training goals! We never give up on our clients and are willing to work all the way so that dogs can learn the right behaviors, and owners are happy and keeping their dogs in the home forever!

If you’re in Nashville and surrounding areas, and you’re looking for a positive, committed professional dog trainer, call us at 800-649-7297, or write us using our contact form! We’re ready to set you and your dog up for success!