Can Separation Anxiety Fixed?

There’s a stereotype that dogs are needy. People who compare cat enthusiasts to dog fans always say cats are standoffish and dogs are needy, clingy, even – demanding attention and time from you, and that they get nervous or upset when they leave. Dogs are pretty dependent, and generally very social and excited to interact with you, but as an owner you may have noticed that your dog gets overly upset when you’re gone.

dog in trainingSeparation anxiety occurs when the dog gets upset being away from you, or even when you’re out of their sight – say, across the house, or outside getting the mail. It can bring strain into your relationship with your pet because of the lack of personal space and the constant need for attention. Separation anxiety can also cause destructive behaviors, resulting in damaged property or furniture.

Owners who are trying to manage this behavior wonder if there’s any way to change it, or if that’s just the dog’s nature. At Music City Dog Training, our trainers say yes – no dog is every beyond retraining. Even the most nervous and insecure of dogs can be instilled with confidence that makes them more comfortable both when you’re there any when you’re gone. It may take time, but consistency and repetition is key.

We use gentle, time-tested training and positive reinforcement to help move your dog away from negative patterns, and reward them when they display better behavior. Once you set up your initial consultation with Music City Dog Training, our trainer will visit you in your own home to discuss the separation anxiety issues when and where they occur. Our training is individualized, and we involve you directly in the training so that your dog is comfortable and you’re both learning.

If you’re interested in setting up a first appointment to discuss your options for training an anxious dog, call us today at 615.610.9080.