Why Do Siblings Fight?

Almost all dogs play fight. If you have multiple dogs, you’ve probably noticed that it’s what they spend a lot of their time doing, especially if they are younger. If dogs are close, they can play fight for hours on end without it getting serious – just lots of growling, barking, gentle mouthing, and chasing. Sibling dogs do the same thing, but you might notice that siblings in a pack will occasionally have rivalries.

Music City Dog Training in Nashville provides professional dog training for ALL behavior issues

Part of understanding fights between siblings is translating the dog behavior and separating truly aggressive behavior from play. Music City Dog Training in Nashville has a behavior expert that can talk to you about recognizing your dog’s personal boundaries and aggression signals, because not all dogs play the same way- some are naturally more energetic, some may be nervous and easy to turn aggressive, or some may be passive and tend to get bullied.

Our expert dog trainer can meet with you one-on-one to assess any aggression that may be upsetting the relationships your dogs have with each other. First, we’ll meet in the comfort of your home to study how you interact with your pack and how they interact together. From there, we’ll work out a training schedule together that works with your schedule and personal goals for your dogs. We schedule these sessions in your home to preserve the natural dynamic: if we remove your dogs from the scenery they know, we don’t get to watch them performing authentic behavior as it occurs naturally in the home.

We want our training to work as much as possible both for the dogs and for you, which is why we make it such a personalized experience.

Unless you’re an an expert in dog handling, don’t ever try to break up dog aggression by yourself. Putting yourself in the way of two fighting dogs can be dangerous for both you and the dogs. If you need help stopping aggression in your household, call us today at 615.610.9080 to talk to our behavioral experts or email us here to about the next steps for your pack.

No problem is too big or too small for us here at Music City Dog Training in Nashville!