Excessive Barking Case Study 

Barking is a main form of communication for dogs. This is how your dog expresses their needs and wants. They may bark for a number a reasons; he/she may bark to inform you that they have to use the bathroom or to warn you of possible danger. However, some dogs do bark excessively, but it is an unrealistic expectation if you expect your dog to never bark. Excessive barking is a common issue that many of dog owners run in to with their pup. In order to correct this behavior we must first figure out what is causing this incessant barking before we can fix the problem. Your dog’s excessive barking could be due to fear, loneliness, boredom, and/or separation anxiety.

Our Nashville dog training program can address your dog's excessive barking issue. With my private in-home training program, I will be able to access your dog and determine the reason for their excessive barking. I will then design a customized training plan that will teach you and your dog to communicate in an effective manner. By the end of the program you and your dog will have a closer bond and stronger relationship built on trust and respect.

I had the opportunity to work with a Maltipoo named Bentley, whose owner was at her wits end with his excessive barking. Bentley would bark at any and everything. It didn’t matter if it was a noise on the television or a person walking pass the window. The only way Bentley would stop barking was when he has exhausted his self out from all his yapping.

After I assessed Bentley’s behavior, I was able to discover that the root of his excessive barking was due to his lack of physical exercise and mental stimulation. Bentley’s owner is a first time dog owner with a full- time job. She was just unaware that her cute little Maltipoo was not getting the proper amount of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Our training plan implemented basic commands and obedience so both Bentley and his owner could learn to communicate effectively. I also worked with his owner and helped her to schedule time within her busy schedule to make sure Bentley is getting the right amount of physical and mental exercise. We were able to stop Bentley’s nonstop barking and I helped his owner regain the role of the leader in their relationship.

If Bentley reminds you of your own furry friend, then call me today at 615.610.9080. I would love to help!