How to Solve Marking 

As much as we love our dogs, some of their innate traits we do not allow in domesticated areas. One of these traits is marking! Why do our furry little friends do this in our homes? Marking outside when going on walks isn’t necessarily much of an issue, but please, not in the house! Well, our dog’s mark in areas they are not supposed to, generally because of their lack of structure and guidance. While working with another dog trainer, we talked about some of the reasons why territorial marking happens AND most importantly how to solve it!

Marking can be solved with our in-home Nashville dog training programs!What are some practical ways that you can solve marking?

  • Spay/neuter your dog. The earlier this is done in your dog’s life, the better. It can reduce the instances when a dog marks due to being territorial and can even improve health in the present and later on in their life.
  • Allow your dog to be properly introduced and bond with new guests/pets in the house. The most common cause for marking is to “mark” a territory. Your dog may feel like their realm has been intruded upon if not properly and timely given the opportunity to get to know new faces.
  • Being the pack leader of your household: Your dog wants boundaries and rules to follow – You are the one to set them. Be the leader of your pack! Your dog should not be allowed to freely jump on guests, sit on furniture they are not typically allowed to, or involve themselves in any other type of distracted and disruptive behavior. Your dog is a companion, but it is also needing a leader –YOU! You must build a bond of respect and trust with your dog. Your dog will learn all of life’s great things come from you….food and affection through healthy exercise and disciplined behavioral practices.

We love our dogs, and we want our dogs to be the best that they can be. Just like humans, dogs desire order and an environment that is conducive to happiness and structure. You can provide this for your dog by solving the issue of unwanted dog marking, with these practical solutions. To learn more about our in-home dog training programs or to set up an in-home consultation give us a call at 615.610.9080.