How To Solve Hyperactivity

All owners know that dogs need walks, but do you also keep up on your dog’s mental stimulation to combat boredom and hyperactivity? It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “they’re a pet – they’ll amuse themselves,” but this isn’t the case. You may have noticed that your dog gets hyper sometimes and becomes difficult to manage and in some cases, difficult to keep in the house because of their wild and seemingly endless play. Your dog needs exercise every day as well as new, interesting, or challenging things every day to keep their minds healthy. Outside of being difficult and annoying, hyperactivity is a serious behavioral issue, and it takes time and observation to correct.

Do you have a hyperactive dog? Music City Dog Training Nashville can help!As an owner, assess what kind of activity level they have naturally and then see what you can do to work with them. Do they crave more than several walks a day? Do they get hyper at certain times? Do they always want to play – or the opposite? New toys and games are ways to engage what your dog already knows and give them something new to work on that will keep them busy for a while. For instance, start integrating commands into games like fetch or tug-of-war to strengthen their command response and listening skills.

If you neglect mental stimulation for your dog, you may find behavioral problems popping up. It’s easy to assume that a hyper dog might just need an extra half hour at the dog park, but what if that doesn’t do it? Inventing games and puzzles for your dog is a way to keep them occupied and burning energy as well as managing stress.

What you think may be an energy issue may be due to lack of mental engagement. Are you at your wits’ end with a hyperactive dog that just can’t get enough exercise? No matter what the problem is, our trainers would love to meet with you and your dog to talk about ideas for better mental and physical stimulation methods that work for you, on your time. Give Music City Dog Training Nashville a call today at 615.610.9080 to set up an in-home training consultation.