Puppy Training in Nashville 

I am always so thrilled when I get calls for puppy training. The clients that call for puppy training are responsible dog owners that are aiming to get their puppy started on the right foot (or paw, in this case). By starting early, many owners and puppies are getting a head start, avoiding behavioral issues from developing as the puppy becomes an adult.

Puppy training is not just limited to getting your dog to Sit, or teaching them to not use the toilet inside. While those are critical aspects of puppy training for most people, there can be so much more a puppy can learn before they mature into adulthood. With Puppyology (my puppy training program), we cover those basics for the puppy and teach the owner how to continue training and maintaining the consistency as the dog gets older.

Housebreaking is always part of it, unless the client has taken care of it already. Basic commands and manners are covered, introducing the idea of impulse control to the puppy (ie: staying put at their bed). Leash behavior is important too, as both puppy and owner should be able to walk together and also enjoy it! For puppies, socialization is VERY imperative so that puppies is familiarized and desensitized to other stimuli, such as other people, other dogs, children, cars, etc. This can help avoid any anxious or aggressive behavior from forming.

Many people will try puppy training themselves and I commend them for that. However, if there are certain things you want your puppy to learn and you are unsure on how to teach them, call a professional! While a dog at any age can learn, starting earlier gives you and your puppy so many benefits. In many ways, puppy training can help prevent from any future problems from showing up. Creating boundaries through a reward-based training system, while simultaneously building the puppy’s confidence and your (the owner) own, you decrease the risks of serious behavioral problems, from general disobedience, anxiety, aggression, and more.

When you sign up for puppy training with me, you give me your training goals and I will meet them. If you are a puppy owner that wants to set their puppy up for success and a lifetime of happiness and obedience, give me a call at 800-649-7297, or e-mail training@musiccitydogtraining.com!