Start Training Your Dog Right Away

Congratulations on becoming a new pet parent!

Whether you adopted a puppy or an adult dog, it is important to start training your new addition right away before they develop any bad habits. Dogs are most impressionable when they are young, so it is imperative to set rules from day one so your dog knows what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are not.

Our Nashville dog training programs are for dogs of all ages!Many clients often wait until their dog’s behavior spirals out of control and by that point the owner is at their wits end. This is why I always recommend training your dog as soon as your dog becomes a member of your family instead of waiting for your dog to misbehave before seeking professional help. Training your dog early on will set the foundation for a healthy owner and dog relationship. This early approach to training shows your dog who is boss and that you are the leader and hold all the power in the relationship.

Our Nashville dog trainer will not only train your dog, but also you as the owner. We will educate you on how to be a successful pet parent. We will show you how to raise your dog to be a well-behaved member of your family. One of the advantages of our program is that all of the training is done in your home in your dog’s natural environment. We will work with your dog in your home to make sure your dog has house manners and understands all of their boundaries before working outside of the house. Our goal is to prevent any troublesome behaviors from occurring.

Training is a process, it does not happen overnight. It takes dedication and consistency from the trainer and the owner. If you are ready to watch your dog flourish into a well-mannered canine companion call us today at 615.610.9080!