Why Do Working Dogs Need a Job?

While at a seminar, one of the topics was dog breeds and what they require training wise. A working dog is a dog that is specifically bred to learn and perform tasks. Working dogs are commonly used as guard dogs, police dogs, detection dogs, therapy dogs and service dogs. Rottweilers, Boxers and Doberman Pinscher’s are some of the most common working dog breeds that are also adopted as family pets.

Give your working dog a job with Music City Dog Training Nashville. Music City Dog Training Nashville is no stranger to working dogs. In fact, we have worked with a variety of dog breeds. Music City Dog Training offers in-home dog training using our training method that has been successfully training dogs for over 27 years. When it comes to training we do not use the one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that every dog is unique which why we create a customized training plan for your dog. Our training plan will focus on your dog’s specific training needs and we will correct and modify any undesirable behaviors.

When it comes to selecting a dog to bring into your home it is important to not base your decision on aesthetics but instead you should choose a dog breed that will be a good fit for your lifestyle and needs. It is important to understand that working dogs are genetically built to fulfill a purpose and they can make a wonderful pet in the right home, if properly trained.

In addition to being loyal companions, working dogs are also diligent workers who are in need of a job. If a working dog does not receive an adequate amount of mental stimulation then they can be susceptible to developing several behavior problems such as anxiety, hyperactivity and/or destructive behavior.

We will help you discover your dog’s ”job” and we will create and implement a training plan that will provide physical and mental stimulation. Here at Music City Dog Training are 100% committed to working with you and your dog until your dog’s behavior is where it should be!

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