Why Dog Trainers work with Veterinarians

Every dog is different, and every owner knows this. Some were raised in a loving home, others abandoned, some bred, some lost, others injured and rehabilitated. As your dog’s best friend and source of guidance, you know that their history has affected the way they are today. You might find yourself having to undo bad habits, regain trust, or teach totally new tricks, which we’re here to help with every step of the way, but we think it’s deeply important to treat every dog as an individual, and that’s why we work with veterinarians.

dog being trained to stayWhat may look like an acquired bad habit on the outside or something they developed through trauma could actually be tied to a deeper physiological issue. As trainers, if we miss out on the chance to consider illness as part of the factor, we’re not seeing the whole picture – and it means that you may not get the behavioral result that you want.

We also always want to make sure your pet is in good health and able to participate in the training. If need be, we are always happy to accommodate or make adjustments to make sure the program works for both of you.

Knowing that all dogs are unique is key to realizing that one behavior may not always present the same way across all dogs. The vets we work with are experienced with a range of illnesses and the way they may change your dog’s behavior. If you’re seeing sudden changes, like irritability, loss of memory or ability to focus, or aggression, it may not be as clear cut as helping your pet relearn their commands.

We want to make sure all the bases are covered before we move forward with our customized training. If you have a question or concern about your dog’s actions, pick up the phone today and give us a call to talk to our experts about the situation. We’re comfortable with all breeds, sizes, and behavioral quirks, and we promise that no dog is too much.

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