Nashville Success Stories – Music City Dog Training 

 We want you to be a part of our Nashville Success Stories. We have worked with tons of talks throughout the area and we know that our training program give owners the tools they need to have a successful, behaviorally balanced dog. We want to help you become a part of that too! Check out some of the success stories below.  

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Beth is absolutely amazing! She is thorough, kind, and really knows her stuff. Could not recommend this place enough.

Kaitlyn P.

Beth is a fantastic dog trainer! She helped us prepare our dog (and us) for the arrival of our son last year. She’s also made herself available for any questions or follow up care we need. We highly recommend her service!

Katie S.

Beth is fantastic!

First, she had to train me on how to work with my dog, then we got to work on my Sheltie. Beth is patient, loving and all around wonderful! I consider her a good friend as well as a good trainer.
I would recommend her to everyone!

Tamara J.

Beth is THE BEST! I was a first time dog owner and had a puppy that hated her crate and wasn’t sleeping so I was at my wits end and reached out to Beth to help and now we are 4 months in and she has helped in far more ways with my mini golden doodle than I originally could have imagined. She is so willing to fit within your schedule and make time for you and your pup. It has been a game changer and I am SO grateful to have her. Don’t think twice about the investment, it will be worth it, I promise, above and beyond worth it.

Gradi E.

Beth completely changed our world when it comes to our 2 pups. She is so patient and kind with them, yet firm. She’s trained me a lot too so I know how to better interact/teach my pups. I would definitely recommend her!!

Myriam H.

Beth has been really helpful to me as a first time puppy owner. She has lots of experience and always has great advice for all of my many questions from behavior to grooming. She’s helped me learn how to handle my puppy and what is effective for training her. She also has been wonderful to get me through the tough puppy days reassuring me to stay on course. My puppy and this owner have come a long way!

Jamie R.

If it was not for Beth, I do not know where our family would be or if we would have been able to keep both of our dogs. Our two sweet girls were getting along fine for a few months after adopting one of them as a puppy. All of a sudden, they started getting into it. In a short time, they got into it enough to where we needed immediate help from a trainer. I reached out to several and Music City Training contacted me very quickly. They explained the in home training process and how Beth would first visit to discuss the plan with us.

Within a week, she came over to diagnose our issues and draw up a plan. Within another week, we started a series of trainings whereby Beth would come to hour house and train with us and our dogs; everything from basic obedience to getting to the root of the problem. This was all necessary because we learned if our dogs did not listen to us with basic commands, they would not respect or listen to us and keep doing what they wanted, like getting into fights.

It was amazing how quickly our girls picked up the commands and how well training progressed. I never knew that my dogs could behave as well as they had started to after a couple of sessions. Of course on our own time, we had to practice with them: sit, stay, come, leave it, leash walking, heeling, and my favorite, the “place” command. This one shocked me most of all. After a couple of months, we were able to re-introduce our dogs to each other to have them interact and the changes were truly impeccable (we previously let them see each other by kept them separated by a doggy gate). In October when this first happened, I was in tears thinking we would have to give one of the dogs up. Around Christmas, we put the dogs together and they have been great ever since (Almost March now). It is amazing that now before going out, they sit by the door until I exit and release them, or when they are about to eat, I put the food in front of them and they look at me for permission before diving into the bowl.

I know that my husband and I would have never gotten to this point without Beth and Music City Dog Training. If I had known then what I know now, I would have hired Beth the moment we got each of our two dogs, just for the normal training procedures and commands. It really is never too early to start training and Beth taught us that even very unfavorable behaviors like aggression can be treated (which we were both skeptical about until we saw the end result).

As an FYI–both of our dogs had done local pet store basic training, but it really does not even compare to what Beth can offer and the results speak for themselves. I urge anyone who had a dog with any issues or recently adopted a dog without any known behavioral issues (yet) to hire Beth as a trainer. You will not regret it.

Another FYI–The trainer trains YOU and the dogs. When she leaves, you have to be consistent and serious about teaching your dog what Beth taught you and the dogs during your lessons. If you are not willing to be trained, your dog won’t be either.”

Lana B.