Meet Our Professional Nashville Dog Trainers

Beth Sadowski – Owner/Head Trainer

Beth Sadowski is life-long dog lover and owner. She graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Nutrition and spent twenty-five years working in the healthcare and wellness industry. She was active as a volunteer in the American Red Cross, has been active in her church, and provided a foster home to teenagers. Her life has always been dedicated to helping those in need, both at work and home, and now she’s decided to focus on helping people in another capacity–through dog training.

Since childhood, Beth has cared for and provided shelter for rescued cats and dogs. She has fostered animals, helped socialize cats at a local animal shelter, and also volunteered as a dog walker at the same shelter. Her main goal has always been to place pets in their forever homes and keep them there. Dog training plays a significant role in accomplishing this goal.

A well-trained dog means a happy home, and a happy home means less animals causing conflict and ending up in shelters or worse. Beth has worked hard to receive her certifications in canine behavior, spending countless hours studying the history, psychology, and training methods that will help her communicate effectively with rambunctious dogs.

She’s become a member of Canine Trade Group to ensure her education remains up to date for as long as she’s a practicing trainer, and she’s already racked up plenty of hands-on experience, helping dogs overcome everything from hyperactivity to aggressive tendencies. Beth is also certified through the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a CGC Evaluator.

Beth currently lives in her own harmonious home with her husband of 29 years, Mike, their three sons, three rescue dogs, and four rescue cats. She can’t wait to chat with local-area dog owners and help them bring peace and harmony to their homes.

Dallas Hanson – Professional Dog Trainer

Dallas is a passionate dog trainer who wants to help dog owners create a more peaceful home environment. He grew up around dogs, from floppy-eared hound dogs to pumpkin-faced pit bulls, and he always seems to have more dogs around him than people. This young man won’t shy away from any breed or any challenge.

Dallas was born and raised in Tennessee and enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling with his partner and, of course, his dogs. His current pack of pups includes Chandler, Joey, Ross, and Juice Box. He also has two guinea pigs, so you can tell his love of animals extends far beyond his training specialty.

Dallas always knew his career path would involve animals, and he is currently working as a Veterinary Assistant. He has nearly completed his degree to become a full-fledged Vet Tech. This ambitious student decided he wanted to learn more about canine behavior in addition to canine health and medicine, so he decided to seek certification through Canine Trade Group. 

Working in an animal hospital, Dallas has seen all types of canine behavior, from fear to excitement to aggression. In addition to using his skills to perform in-home training for clients, he also plans to use his knowledge in his current career at the animal hospital. He wants to be able to help dogs and owners feel more comfortable when visiting the vet. 

Before finding Canine Trade Group, Dallas came across many training myths and non-productive styles. He found that CTG offered scientifically-proven, results-based methods, and he now feels confident in his ability to help owners both in and out of the animal hospital create a more balanced and well-behaved dog.

No problem is too difficult for Dallas. He’ll be there for you and your dog until your training goals are achieved. Call Music City Dog Training today at 615.610.9080 to get in touch with Dallas!

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