Music City’s Dog Training Nashville Programs

Professional, Commitment-Based Training!

Music City Dog Training Nashville provides several customizable training programs to fit the needs of you and your dog. When creating an industry-backed list of recommendations, our trainers take both the dog’s temperament and the owner’s lifestyle into consideration, guaranteeing the highest possible chance of success.

Private, Customized Training Programs

We have a program designed for puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger, to help start a new relationship off right. We offer a program for aggressive dogs because we don’t believe in giving up on any dog, no matter what his/her behavioral issue entails. In fact, our program has been effective in modifying the behavior not only of dogs that show signs of aggression (growling, snarling, snapping, etc.), but also of dogs that have already acted on that aggression and attacked a person or animal. Last but not least, we offer a basic in-home training program, suitable for behavior problems such as leash pulling, housebreaking, separation anxiety, etc.

Rewards Based, In-Home Training in Nashville

Call us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn what type of program is right for you. The consultation takes place in your home, as do all of our training programs. This keeps you and your dog feeling comfortable and makes it easier for us to view your dog’s behavior for ourselves.

We’ll get to the bottom of the problem and provide you with training recommendations, based on our extensive study of canine psychology, history, and training methodology, as well as our personal observations of your unique situation.

Get Started

To learn more about our programs, browse our website or contact us directly. Our toll free number is 615.610.9080 and we can also be reached by e-mail.

Let Music City Dog Training Nashville get your dog’s behavior in sync with your lifestyle.