Aggressive Dog Training Nashville, TN

Could your dog use some anger management classes?

Although a dog’s aggression does not stem from the same place as a human’s, it can be hard to look at the behavior objectively and take basic canine instinct and psychology into consideration. When the sweet puppy you know and love turns into a snarling, snapping bully or the dog you’ve recently adopted growls at new noises, it’s hurtful and leaves you feeling helpless. You need a way to communicate with your dog, to sit him down and explain that he’s keeping himself from being a viable part of the family.

How Can We Help?

At Music City Dog Training, we can help you get through to your pet. For all of our programs, we hold the belief that training should be about more than teaching dogs a few tricks—it should be about getting to the root of the problem, establishing effective communication between dog and owner, and taking lengths to ensure the behavior problems don’t come back again. These goals are especially important when dealing with an aggressive dog.

Several factors may cause an aggressive reaction—noise, animals, people, fear, anxiety, and possessiveness, to name a few. No matter your dog’s trigger, we can help. We will never tell you your dog is beyond help, and we will never suggest surrender or euthanasia.

All of our programs, including this one for aggressive dogs, take place in your home and are customized to fit your dog and your lifestyle. The initial in-home consultation allows us to observe your dog’s behavior and make appropriate training recommendations. If you decide to follow our tailored program, you can count on Music City Dog Training’s dedication, professionalism, and, most importantly, results.

Let us help your pooch become a happy, loving, and comfortable part of your family. Call us at 615.610.9080 or e-mail us today to get started.