Cribs and Canines

Dog Training for New Parents

A new baby means a lot of changes, not only for your home and human family, but also for your pets. If you have a dog that may not be used to the noise or needs of an infant, Music City Dog Training’s new program, Cribs & Canines, will be an invaluable resource for you.

If you’ve browsed our other in-home training opportunities, you may have noticed the term “trigger”. A trigger can be a noise, person, animal, or other stimuli that sets off a dog’s poor behavior. You certainly don’t want to bring home a new baby and learn that he/she is a trigger for your dog’s aggression, anxiety, or even hyperactivity.

It’s best to start the Cribs & Canine training program during pregnancy, in order to prepare your dog for the boundaries and focus that will be necessary while you get used to the needs of your new baby. We can teach your dog not to jump, to retreat to a designated spot in the home upon command, and to leave the baby and his/her belongings alone. We recommend expecting dog owners consider this program a normal and necessary part of baby prep, just as they would birthing classes and infant care classes.

If you’ve already had your baby and are noticing that the new addition is having some negative effects on your dog’s behavior, Cribs & Canines can still help. Using tried, true, and positive training techniques, we can help all members of your household adjust.

One of the most common reasons a dog is surrendered to a shelter is because the owners feel the dog is a danger to their family. Prevent this situation from occurring and this choice from having to be made by preparing your canine companion as soon as possible!

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